Frequently Asked Questions

People always have questions.. and we are here to help answer any that you may have.
Q: How much will it cost to evaluate our company?

A: The first step is FREE. We will collect data and interview the facility, (come to your facility if necessary), and perform an initial evaluation of your facility to lower energy costs. We will place your unique parameters into our modeling software to obtain an initial estimate of potential energy cost savings. This will be presented in a  report called our Pre-Engineering Proposal and will give you the ability to determine if an energy cost savings project will meet your expectations. Our next step is to complete a detailed engineering audit and design. There is a fee for this step, and it comes with guarantees, and will be applied to the total installation project cost. The cost for the site audit depends on your facility and the data previously collected during our free walk-through.


Q: How much will a new energy saving system cost?

A: Our engineering staff prides itself on our systematic approach to addressing your electrical needs and savings targets. We design our systems within your financial and saving constraints. A typical project may provide a payback in 15-30 months with excellent  ROI’s.

Q: What technologies do you use to lower energy costs?

A: We design our complete systems and have access to over 15 types of technologies. What types of technology we select depends on the information we obtain during our site audit and your ROI requirements. The selected technologies and their capabilities will be presented in a proposal to install an energy saving system that we will provide to you.

Q: In what types of industries have you installed your energy savings products?

A: All types: Large. Medium, and Small Industrial, Including chemical plants, steel plants, wood plants, food facilities, packaging facilities, and many more. We have also installed systems in commercial facilities, including hospitals, hotels, distribution facilities, among others.

Q: We already have Power Factor Correction; can we still gain energy costs savings?+

A: Absolutely, we address power quality and electrical distribution losses within your facility. Normally, power factor correction is conducted at your main distribution panel which doesn’t improve your facility electrical efficiency or address power quality issues. We address equipment, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and lighting losses, and therefore will be able to save you money regardless of power factor correction at the main.

Q: How are we different from other energy cost saving companies?

A: We are first and foremost an engineering company. We design and install a guaranteed energy savings project. We also underwrite that project with a third-party insurer to make sure you will obtain your payback period. Typically, our competition uses one or two different technologies that they must fit to your application. They don’t have the pedigree that we have or the experience. We are not locked into a particular technology. If your facility demands a special design, then we will have it made. We take a systems approach to your electrical distribution system and apply technologies that maximize your savings while minimizing your expense. Other companies just do not have the breadth of technologies to offer this option. Finally, we take a passive technology approach to your overall system. Namely, we use technologies that you will not have to maintain or receive special training on. We have spent years developing our arsenal of passive solutions to bring our customers savings without the additional lifecycle costs and training of our competitors.

Q: Can we finance this project from savings?

A: Yes, our approach and our belief is to make a financially attractive project that meets both your financial and energy savings goals. Various financing options are available to offer our customers little to no money down and a monthly positive cash position.

Q: What is the effect of your technologies on equipment downtime and equipment operation?

A: Because most of our technologies are installed in parallel any outage will not affect your equipment operation. For the technologies that are installed in series we have bypass switches to allow our customers to bypass our technology, if needed.

Our technologies will not harm your existing equipment. Rather, they enhance the operation, extend the life and minimize the maintenance cost. There are many benefits of installing our technology. Improved performance of your facility is one of them.

Q: How do you prove that your systems are saving money?

A: Measurement and savings verification is the most important engineering work that we conduct. If we cannot prove that we are saving you money we would go out of business. We work closely with our customers to establish a measurement and verification protocol for your unique facility. Our methodology is drawn from and complies with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). The IPMVP was established by a network of energy professional and national organizations, under the auspices of the US Department of Energy from over 25 countries for the purpose of standardizing the methods by which energy conservation projects are measured and verified.

Q: What are the lifecycle costs for this system?

A: Very Little. Our systems are mostly passive in nature and require none or very little additional training or maintenance to operate.

Q: We have a Co-generation system on site; can you still lower our energy costs?

A: Yes, our technologies improve the efficiency of your distribution system and thus would allow you to use less electricity from the power company or allow you to sell more back to the power company.

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